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"LATITUDE MESH is a project that focuses attention on photochemical emulsions, their characteristics and possibilities, with homemade or DIY emulsions as the central axis. In it, Agnès proposes the investigation of different emulsions. The film would build a topographic map, assigning emulsions to different areas of Toronto, by latitude (film latitude / terrestrial latitude), tracing the city's diaristic and affectionate geography."

Acción Cultural Española AC / E

"Agnès Hayden is the creator of LATITUDE MESH, the winning project for this seventh BAICC – International Artistic Residencies for Cinematographic Creation 2023. The assessment committee made up of a representative from each of the three entities responsible for the call, AC/E – Acción Cultural Españolathe (S8) International Peripheral Film Festival of A Coruña and the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto – LIFT, decided that this proposal would be selected to be carried out for five weeks between September and October 2023 in Toronto (Canada)."

S8 Festival, Mostra de Cinema Periférico


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